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Types of Corporate Videos

Below is a range of corporate videos that could benefit your company.

  • Raise your company profile
  • Staff Training
  • Health and safety
  • First Aid
  • Show your company services
  • A video campaign
  • One off events
  • Product demonstrations
  • Sales rep. demonstrations
  • Large items
  • Expensive/dangerous items


  • Scottish Rugby League
  • Desertfest (London)
  • Ecowarm
  • United biscuits.
  • Masterton Demolition
  • Westerwood Hotel
  • B.L.E.S Training
  • Annual Glasgow Taxi’s Outing to Troon  (charity organisation)

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Why Commission a Corporate Video/DVD?

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

In today’s world of IT and multimedia a corporate video/DVD is now the most effective way of communicating your message to potential clients or to raise your company profile.
At Sunstar Videos client satisfaction is our priority and we will present you with a high quality production, on time and within your budget.

Now with Google AdWords for video, you can put the power of video to work for you.

Reach the right client at the right price.

Google loves video; and clients prefer watching videos over reading text.
( a 90 second video from as little as £159)

How much will it cost?

“How long is your piece of string”

With a corporate video/DVD the client will establish the budget at the start of the project, then after a full and proper consultation about the videos aims objectives and target audience we can discus programme ideas that can be obtained within your budget.

A corporate video is now within the reach of companies of all sizes and can be a more effective way of communicating your message than more traditional methods i.e. printing, newspaper adds, radio etc.

A highly polished video with very high production values, a famous presenter, and foreign locations etc will certainly be expensive. Where as a simple clear-cut uncomplicated production could cost less than having a colour brochure printed.

(a 90 second video from as little as £159)
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